Technical Diving Division (TDD)



PADI has deliberately kept technical diver training separate from mainstream diver training by providing such training under the TecRec name. The TecRec courses have become known as benchmarks of quality in the tech diving world, with a rigorous, yet easy to follow training scheme well supported by PADI training materials. Within the PADI organisation, selected staff members are designated as members of the Technical Diving Division, and have the necessary experience to provide TecRec instructors with any back up and support they need to conduct these courses.

The principle officers of the TDD are:


President: Drew Richardson

Vice President, Technical Diving Division: Mark Caney

Director, Advanced Wreck Diving: James Morgan

Director, Decompression Diving: Karl Shreeves

Director, Rebreather Technologies: Vikki Batten


In each PADI office, there are individuals designated as TDD Technical Consultants who are experienced technical instructors. They can provide advice to existing TecRec instructors or advise you if you don’t have a TecRec rating yet but are thinking of getting one.

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