Instructor Toolbox

Unit Register:

Rebreather Unit Register

Type R Rebreather Specifications v2.3

Type T Rebreather Specifications v1.4

Qualifying Certifications:

TecRec Open Circuit Qualifying Certifications

Rebreather and CCR Qualifying Certifications

Upgrading Normoxic Trimix Diver to Tec Trimix MEMBERS

Open Circuit – Course Information:

Trimix depths


Open Circuit – Tec Specialties:

TMX 45_50 Info for Instructors

Rebreather – Course Information:

Rebreather Diving and Supervision Requirements FAQs

English – How to become a PADI Rebreather Instructor or Rebreather Instructor Trainer v2.0

French – Comment devenir un PADI Rebreather Instructor & PADI Rebreather Instructor Trainer v2 0

German – Wie werde ich PADI Rebreather Instructor und Rebreather Instructor Trainer v2.0

Italian – Come divenire PADI Rebreather Instructor & Instructor Trainer v2.0

Spanish – Como se hace PADI Rebreather Instructor & Instructor Trainer v2.0

Rebreather – Information for non-rebreather divers:

Rebreather Informer AP

Rebreather Informer EMEA

Manufacturer Information:

Poseidon MKVI Guidelines

Poseidon MKVI – Factory Training

Poseidon Presentation


3 Replies to “Instructor Toolbox”

  1. I finished up the Tec Deep instructor training. Now I’m wondering if there are any new instructor materials for this course on the horizon? I feel that the current materials with all the additional handouts and KRs that are separate from the student manual need some revisions. Anything happening on this that you know of?

    1. Hi Tom, Thanks for your comments. The digital manual has been available since late 2013 designed specifically to make sure the students have everything in one location. The menu system allows them to access everything for the specific course they are doing, whichever route they choose. vikki

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