Contributions to the TecRec Blog

If you have a story that would interest other readers of this blog, please send it to us and we will try to use it. The ideal length is between 500 – 700 words and should be supported by at least 3 photos (.jpg please). Name each JPG file with whatever you want as that photo’s caption. Pleaes attach these images to your email; don’t embed them amongst the text of your message. We can also link to video clips; these should generally be no more than three minutes long.

Sidemount EMEA 03

Please include your own name, and if you have any TecRec credentials, mention those too. Naturally, we are particularly interested in the activities of PADI TecRec divers and instructors, but anything relevant to technical diving will be considered. No blatant adverts will be accepted, obviously.

Please send to the following address: – thanks.

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