Are you missing out? TecRec Distinctives

Did you know we have two PADI authored TecRec Distinctives and the guidelines for you to write several others yourself!

PADI Authored TecRec Distinctives:

Tec Basics – Designed to be a gentler introduction into TecRec this course is run within recreational limits but introducing tec skills. Tec Basics can (if requirements are met) also credit towards Tec 40 Diver. Any Tec Instructor can apply for this rating and the course can be completed by PADI Advanced Open Water Divers who are at least 15 years old, so it also gives under 18s the chance to get a taste of tec.

To apply: Tec Instructor.

TMX 45/50 – This course teaches and qualifies Tec 45 or Tec 50 divers to use recreational trimix. It’s a great introduction to trimix so divers can use a limited trimix within their current qualification and is a great stepping stone to higher level trimix certifications such as Tec Trimix 65 and Tec Trimix.

To apply: Tec Trimix Instructor.

For both of these courses the outline (and ppt if applicable) are available on the Pros Site. Training Essentials, TecRec, PADI Distinctive Templates

TecRec Distinctives you can write yourself (following the guidelines):

Tec Rescue – Adapting rescue diver techniques to tec equipment and situations is an important part of being prepared to rescue on a tec dive.

To apply: Tec Deep instructor.

Advanced Wreck Diver – Going beyond the light zone with greater depth and penetration of wrecks in the technical diving realm.

To apply: Tec Deep Instructor/Tec 60 CCR Instructor

Cave Diver – exploring beyond the cavern zone this is a full cave diver course including complex navigation.

To apply: Tec instructor and full Cave Instructor

How to write a TecRec Distinctive.

Download guidelines from the Pros site and make sure you meet the requirements: Training Essentials, TecRec, PADI Distinctive Templates.

it’s a good idea to contact your Technical Diving consultant for advice before you start writing then use the distinctive template to create an outline for review by your Technical Diving consultant.

Don’t forget to allow plenty of time for writing and review. TecRec Distinctives are usually longer and more complex than recreational ones so take longer.

AND if you have other ideas for a TecRec Distinctive specialty contact your Technical Consultant to let them know and discuss how it may be developed.

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  1. Hi Vikki, good a great support when I outlined my distinctive, named “PADI TecRec Advanced DPV”. I want to encourage the community to think about to creat your own distinctive. If anyone is interested in mine, am happy to share it with you. Siegfried

    1. Hi Siegfried,

      What incredible timing! I would love to see your specialty outline if I may? I’m in the very early process of coming up with a distinctive DPV specialty that goes beyong the basic DPV specialty. Could you possibly send it to info at

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