How to write a PADI TecRec Advanced Wreck Diver Distinctive Specialty

What was your reason to start Technical Diving?Rainbow Warrior 1

Mine was definitely wreck diving. I started recreational scuba diving in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, where the wreck of the Rainbow Warrior rests. That’s where I decided to become a PADI Instructor in the same location, spending my days guiding divers around this historic site-turned artificial reef, which hosts an abundance of marine life.

When I moved to Sydney, Australia to join PADI as an Educational Consultant, I discovered that Sydney is a hot spot for ship wrecks and that most of them are resting between 50 meters to 80 meters below the surface, which was enough to trigger my excitement for technical diving.

A recent survey conducted by PADI Asia Pacific targeting divers that are potentially interested in technical diving also showed that wreck diving is the most popular reason for divers to extend their limits by completing PADI TecRec courses.

Knowing the popularity of wreck diving, and if you are already a PADI Tec Deep Instructor or PADI Tec 60 CCR Instructor, you might want to offer more advanced or technical wreck diver training to your students. You can do this through PADI’s distinctive specialty application process and we have the tools available that will help you to write your own course outline in order to become a PADI TecRec Advanced Wreck Diver Distinctive Specialty Instructor. PADI has developed a minimum content guideline for the PADI TecRec Advanced Wreck Diver Distinctive Specialty that provides the minimum requirements that must be contained and adhered to in the instructor guide for your course.

You can find the minimum requirements for your PADI TecRec Advanced Wreck Diver Distinctive Specialty and a very handy Distinctive Specialty Course Outline Template on the Pros’ site at Use this together with the document that explains “How to Prepare a PADI Specialty Course Outline” to write your own course outline. You must be logged into to Pros’ site to access these links.

Once you have completed writing your own PADI TecRec Advanced Wreck Diver Distinctive Specialty please email the course outline together with the PADI Specialty Course Instructor Application (Method 3 – outlining your experience) to your Regional Training Consultant at your PADI Regional Headquarters. Of course, if you have any questions about the process or would like to check on any requirements please feel free to contact us at any time.

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