PADI officially invites you to TEKDiveUSA.2016. TEKDiveUSA is a biennial advanced and technical diving conference comprising three elements; an exhibition, a conference and a gala awards dinner. We kick things off with a Friday night BBQ on April 22nd followed by the two day conference (April 23-24th, 2016) in Miami, Florida. The ‘show and tell’ will have over 35 international technical diving companies with opportunities to talk directly with manufacturers. Exciting talks and useful workshops will cover many aspects of advanced and technical diving including wreck, cave and dive physiology, technique, safety, technological advancement and imaging. Leading speakers from around the globe will be in attendance to speak at TEKDiveUSA. The Gala Awards Dinner is the night where we celebrate success, catch up with old friends and make new contacts. Register now at

TEKDiveUSA.2016 will have a special component this year, sponsored in part by PADI. Together we will present a unique photographic exhibit celebrating the people, projects and technologies that helped create the “technical diving revolution” (1987-1997).

  • Curated by aquaCORPS Journal founder Michael Menduno, the exhibit will feature over 100 images, maps and quotes from some of the early expeditions on the Andrea Doria, the U-869 (”U-Who”), the USS Monitor, El Cazador, the RMS Lusitania, Wakulla Springs, Eagles Nest, Diepolder, Sally Ward, Sistemas Nohoch Na Chich, Dos Ojos and Zacatón.
  • The gallery will include some of first trimix tables including Jim Bowden’s 1000-ft Zacaton table, pictures of Dick Rutkowski’s original nitrox training facility and the first U.S. technical diving training center at Key West Diver, the first sport rebreather prototypes, early mix stations, a comprehensive tech diving timeline and other memorabilia from the early days of tech.
  • It will also include special tributes to tech diving’s patron saint Sheck Exley, Dr. RW “Bill” Hamilton, Wes Skiles, and other tech pioneers, heroes and comrades that came before us. Viva la revolution—get ready to mix it up! Register now at

Click to hear PADI’s own Karl Shreeves on one more reason to join us at TEKDIVEUSA

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