Rubik’s record attempt by TecRec divers and PADI Pros

As many of you know, PADI TecRec courses emphasize having good reasons for deep dives and in many courses “the mission” is part of the training dive. having said that I’m not sure that many TecRec divers could manage a mission like these guys are planning!

“The idea has started few years ago during the surface interval when we were solving Rubik’s Cube. My instructor and friend said: why don’t we do it underwater? In 2014 we tried on 70 meters and since then we were planning this event” says Wojtek Teclaw, Record Diver, PADI IDC Staff & Tec Trimix Diver 



Maciej Jurasz, Event Manager, PADI Course Director & TecRec IT adds, “We want not only to establish The World Record of Solving Underwater Rubik`s Cube at the deepest. More important for us is to show diving community, that deep diving must always have a mission and that mission should not be the depth only.”


According to the project website, Wojtek’s fastest time for solving the Rubik’s cube is 1 minute, so he is in charge of that part of the mission! Maciej, with a “solving time” of 2 weeks (still sounds quite quick to me) but a wealth of technical diving experience, has taken on the role of organising and managing the dive itself. So Maciej and his team of PADI members and tec divers are heading out on an expedition with a difference!

There are also four support divers who will help to make sure things run smoothly underwater and be ready to respond if help is needed.

It may sound simple but record procedures must be adhered to. With only about 8 minutes at a depth of 100 meters the Rubik’s cube must be “mixed up” a the surface. and not just a twist or two – there are record principles to meet! Each “face” has to be documented by camera. It is then placed in a black bag (I presume so that Wojtek can’t be thinking of ways to solve it while he descends…) and only allowed out again when the divers reach 100m.

At 100m the Rubik’s cube is removed from the bag and shown to the camera again to confirm that it has not been changed. The depth must be confirmed by two dive computers and two independent cameras are required to record the attempt. The clock doesn’t stop until the “solved” Rubik’s cube is presented to the camera. Of course, colours are not clear at this depth, so special lights will be used


Finally after the Rubik’s cube is completed the team will head back to the surface via their decompression stops.



PADI Regional Manager, Michal Kosut, wishes the group a successful trip at Warsaw airport, just before departure to Dahab (from left):

  • Maciej Jurasz, Event Manager, PADI CD & TecRec IT
  • Piotr Adamczak, Support Diver, PADI MSDT & TecTrimix Diver
  • Michal Kosut, PADI Regional Manager
  • Marek Kasperski, Support Diver, PADI IDC Staff & TecTrimix Diver
  • Wojtek Teclaw, Record Diver, PADI IDC Staff & Tec Trimix Diver
  • Slawek Mlynkowiak, Support Diver, PADI MSDT & Tec Trimix Diver
  • Jaroslaw Rzytka, Support Diver, PADI IDC Staff & TecTrimix Diver

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