What is your opinion regarding in-water recompression (IWR)? By Big B

Big B (aka Peter Herbst) is a PADI Course Director and TecRec IT. In this article he shares his opinions on Inwater Recompression.

mmm…My opinion is that it works…My opinion is also that unless you actually know (not think you know!) what you are doing, you are much better of taking your chances on the surface, with a tank of Oxygen under your arm, on a stretcher, racing for a hospital (preferably one with a chamber), on the back of a bakkie…


a Recreational diver should never even consider it – no matter the circumstances. Technical divers should only do it when properly trained and if they have the required equipment and gasses available…and then only under extreme circumstances or if getting to a chamber in a reasonable amount of time (normally considered to be about 5 hours) is simply not possible.

When planning technical dives or expeditions to remote locations, this risk assessment needs to be done before doing the trip. IWR should be planned for, not something that you have watched on You Tube and decide to suddenly do when you think you are bent… IWR courses are conducted in South Africa, so pay the money, get the training, get the gear, be prepared, and hope you never have to do it!

Big B


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  1. IWR to me is like taking a shoot. when you got to go.. ya gotta go… so you better go… else you’ll shot ya self.. but go the proper way.. wrong IWR procedures and know hows can fuse the shits to hit the fan….. shit happens..

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