Diving Solutions from Michal Kosut – part 2

By Michal Kosut PADI Regional Manager and TecRec IT

Today we will talk about a small element of equipment which we always take with us for tec diving and which has always been very useful.

Valve retaining nut key


Imagine such a situation: You are ascending from 70 meters, you want to open the tank with decompression gas, but although the knob is turning, it does not open the valve… or: you want to change to the other tank with deco gas and suddenly you realize there is no knob in the tank… These are not very funny situations, but they really happened during our TecRec courses.

Now thanks to this fantastic retaining nut key it is not a problem any more – it is enough to twist off the knob and open the valve thanks to the special end of the nut key or in the second situation – just open the valve with the nut key.

Some practical advice:

  • attach a bungee loop to the nut key – otherwise it is easy to lose while struggling with the equipment
  • a great place to keep a nut key is an underwater notebook – generally we do not need the tool immediately so it can stay safely in the notebook
  • pay attention to the quality of the nut key – for example we the one below broke due to regular contact with salty water (luckily it broke on the surface but out of two nut keys like that – two broke)


  • you can make a nut key yourself (if you have the knowledge, skill and safety equipment – Editor)– thank you Radek – or you can buy them from tec diving retailers.

Author: Michal Kosut

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  1. Proper, maintenance, handling and checking of tank valves will do a lot to alleviate this problem. In the recreational resort diving industry tanks are handled badly due to turnover etc…this is now spreading into tec diving, maybe more emphasis on equipment care should be put into tec training courses at all levels….

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