Tec Dossiers Take Two

OK – so now we’re onto Take Three – thanks to everyone who let us know the links had problems. Hopefully they are all working now 🙂 – Vikki


I guess Tec Divers are curious (or is that nosey?) because our Tec Dossiers have continued to be a popular feature on the TecRec Blog.

Here they are again (in date order) so why not have a look down the list and see if you missed out on anyone first time around, or want to check them out again?

Pete Mesley

Kevin Gurr

Martin Robson

Jill Heinerth

Michael Menduno

Lamar Hires

Jonas Samuelsson

Jeff Lofflin

George Vandoros

Chris Heitkemper

Paul Neilsen

Eveline Verdier-Bollhalder

Firas Jundi

Andy Phillips

Tom Steiner

Big B (Peter Herbst)

Peter Den Haan

Satoshi Toyoda

Simon Townsend

Chris Azab

Rubens Monaco

Andrew Couch

Chris Owen

Jim Wyatt

Alessandra Figari

Olga Volgina

If you are a PADI TecRec IT and would like to submit your own Tec Dossier, we have a new set of questions so let us know in the comments box and we’ll be in touch! thanks.

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