New Hollis Explorer IT in Australia

Peter and Cuttlefish

Peter Letts has recently become one of the first PADI Rebreather Instructor Trainers on the Hollis Explorer in Australia. His passion for rebreathers is clear and his reasons for diving rebreathers, as you can see from the photos , are the kind of reasons that all recreational divers will identify with. Peter told us:

“I am more excited about the potential of the recreational rebreather to change the face of diving as we know it than any other technological change I have seen over the past 20 years. When it was announced that recreational rebreathers were to be approved by PADI I set about preparing for the release of the Hollis eXplorer. I started by becoming a Hollis Prism diver, attending the rebreather forum in Florida RF3 and gaining experience on the Prism. When the Hollis eXplorer was launched I became a Hollis eXplorer diver and gained my 75 hours experience on it, became a PADI recreational Rebreather Instructor and started teaching recreational rebreather courses.

Peter in Explorer


The things that excite me about the eXplorer and the reasons I believe it will change the way the world dives is that most significantly it changes the divers ability to interact with the creatures underwater.  Seadragons are no longer scared off by the noise of the diver breathing, creatures which are normally scared off by the noise of breathing now see me as one of them.

Peter and Weedy Seadragon

When you combine the opportunity to become one with the ocean’s creatures with the other benefits such as improved gas consumption and optimized gas blend to maximize bottom time the advantages of the recreational rebreather are so exciting. For this reason it is exciting for me to be involved as a PADI Rebreather Instructor and an Instructor Trainer to introduce this new doorway to the underwater world to Sydney.”

So if you would like more information or to experience the Hollis Explorer rebreather check out


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