The Aftermath of Incidents at Eurotek 2014

Eurotek poster

PADI will be exhibiting at Eurotek 2014, with a fantastic new stand, and members of our tec team are looking forward to meeting and chatting to divers and dive professionals alike.

Vikki has also been invited to be a speaker and will be talking about The Aftermath of Incidents:

Vikki has experience of dealing with the fall out of serious incidents from both a personal standpoint and as part of her role at PADI. Personally, she has dealt with her partner running late during a mission, wondering what the problem was and whether he would return. She has also been on the receiving end of a phone call to tell her he had a serious case of DCS following a dive to beyond 200m depth and spent the following week wondering whether he would survive. In her professional capacity she is involved with people reporting incidents, providing support to ease their distress and assistance with practical matters in the following months.

Here Vikki focuses not on the victims of incidents, but on the fallout that their fellow divers, friends and family experience. She reports on the consequences many divers do not consider and discusses ways to prevent an accident becoming an even bigger tragedy. Vikki asks whether your family would be prepared if you had an accident? None of us like to think that we could become a victim, but preparing yourself and your loved ones for this eventuality is Step One in preventing it. This is an interactive talk, so come along prepared to take part in this rarely discussed aspect of tec diving.

For full details or to buy tickets visit  or to follow the latest news and help spread the word, go to

We hope to see you there.

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