Fact versus fiction – Day Two

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Myth – Explorers dive on their own not with buddies.

Fact – Sometimes explorers do parts of their dive alone, however, they work as part of a team and are surrounded by support divers or team mates for as much of the dive as possible, often all of it. Team mates provide additional equipment, mental support and a back up brain if something goes wrong. I sometimes hear divers say that an inexperienced buddy is worse that no buddy. If your buddy is not certified or experienced enough to do the dive, they shouldn’t be doing the dive at all! Just because they are less experienced than you doesn’t mean they can’t assist you in an emergency or that you can help them to help you. Do not underestimate the value of team mates.

Most exploration projects need a team of divers


Myth – The only reason for doing a training course is to get the “ticket”

Fact – Lack of training is one of the causes of serious accidents or diving deaths. Do not dive beyond your training and experience. Take the time to find the right instructor and course for you and make sure they have plenty of experience in the area you want to learn about. A good instructor will not rush you onto the next course, in fact they may even suggest that you gain more experience first. I know that price is always an issue, but the cost of poor training could be much more than simply money.

Thailand RB group
PADI Instructors, Instructor Trainers and staff continuing their own education, with Vikki Batten and Martin Robson


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