The Blue Lake Blues at TEKDiveUSA by Rosemary Lunn

TEKDiveUSA – the inaugural North American biennial advanced and technical diving conference – will be launched in Miami this Spring. It is being held on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th May 2014, and is similar in approach to both EUROTEK and OZTek.

It has been many years since North America has held a technical diving conference, and it is time that the USA had its own home-grown event. The prime focus of TEKDiveUSA is to educate, entertain and help further the educational aspects of advanced and technical diving, while giving people who are out there doing exciting projects, a platform to share their story with others.

One of the speakers will be cave explorer and instructor trainer Martin Robson. Almost two years ago to the day, Martin suffered a catastrophic bend in South Russia.

Martin by Roz

He had been leading an expedition to explore the Blue Lake at the time. This is a beautiful karst spring located in the Caucasian Mountains. One of the team objectives was to locate, penetrate and explore the cave system with the aim of proving it is the deepest karst spring in the world to date.

Blue Lake

The Blue Lake project was a remote scientific venture with dives beyond 200 metres / 656 feet. Despite all the preparation and planning it did not run smoothly. Martin will be discussing this extreme expedition at TEKDiveUSA. His story covers the challenges of deep CCR diving in very cold (7ºC / 44ºF) water, including everything that can (and did) go wrong.

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PADI Comment – Martin is a Technical Field Consultant for PADI and has written several articles for the TecRec Blog – just search for his name on our home page search facility to find them.

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