News from the Frontline? – Sharm el Sheikh Update.

By Chris Azab, PADI CD, TEC Deep Trainer, Sidemount Trainer and Rebreather Instructor, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


Despite what you may be hearing on the news, Sharm is a safe resort, and now it’s a perfect place to be as a TEC-diver, because it’s not as busy as normal. At the moment, Sharm doesn’t look like ‘Egypt’ at all, as how the media describes the situation in Egypt. Sharm, as a city is peaceful, safe and quiet, more than 500 kilometer away from all the violence and troubles. Unfortunately the media doesn’t show this difference to people. Sharm is a tourist place where everybody is happy and just wants to dive.

In August, September and October, the temperature of the water is around 28-29 degreases, so this is perfect for all different kind of TEC diving. Are you a Rebreather-, Sidemount- or TEC diver? At this time of year you can make long dives without getting cold during your decompression stops. You will maybe not believe it, but you can do technical dives even in a shorty. The visibility is great, around 25 meter and during the last two weeks, we saw Manta’s, Eagle Rays and Sharks. As a TEC diver you can make the most of the quiet time in Sharm now and have the Dive sites of the Red Sea yourself. You can visit the Arch of Thomas, the Lara and of course we will search for Hammerheads. Don’t be scared if you see a group of Hammerheads circling around 40 meter dept on the backside of Jackson Reef – it’s their place to come in summertime.thistle

It’s perfect now as well to visit the SS. Thistlegorm which was bombed in 1941 by four Heinkel airplanes in the Second World War. Think about it………. we have one Europe now and nobody wants to miss this wreck on their holiday in Sharm. What do you think about doing a two hour dive on the Thistlegorm with a Rebreather, you continue your dive when other divers have to go up for their surface interval, the wreck will be yours! On the way back, we also can visit another wreck, the Dunraven, for another hour on the Rebreather. Silence, silence, no bubbles and not many divers. Each day we will do some expedition dives in Ras Mohamed and Tiran as well.


There are still plenty of flights to Sharm and if you can book online with Egypt Air you can take two pieces of luggage’s of 23 kilo each with you for no extra charge, so perfect for your TEC equipment).  Just step over by Cairo Airport and fly to Sharm in one hour. You can also fly straight to Sharm from many destinations.

There have not been negative reports about travelling to Sharm el Sheikh at all, there were and are no problems in Sharm, we all live here in peace. As TEC divers we are enjoying ourselves both underwater and also above, where the sky is blue and the sun shines every day.

chris evo

If you are not a TEC diver yet, or if you want to upgrade your skills / education, you can start right now and try it out in the blue waters of the Red Sea. During the courses (Sidemount/TEC/Rebreather) we have all the gear available for you and you will get the best time of your life. Try it out with us in Sharm el Sheikh.

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