Hannibal bank expedition

By Raul De Leon B, PADI DSAT Trimix Instructor and PADI Tech Sidemount Instructor

Panama 2013

Being an explorer and scuba diving in places where no one has been before due to the restrictions for recreational diving depth, is something that leaves an indelible memory in those who are passionate about diving.

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Technical diving opens the doors to explore beyond, with the right training you can experience and discover unimaginable places and enjoy them a safe way.

The panama dive adventure 5-star IDC dive center PADI, directed by Raul de Leon, a PADI technical and recreational scuba diving instructor and rebreather instructor, organized the first deep expedition to this famous place.

The expedition involved 3 days of diving in the gulf of Chiriqui located south west of panama city, the main goal was to dive Hannibal bank, a reef located in the middle of the pacific ocean in panama, far away from the mainland.

The expedition took place aboard the “inula” catamaran a perfect vessel for this type of voyage. The day of diving on Hannibal bank arrived and divers “Mino” Palermo, Mario Chong and Raul de Leon prepared to undertake what for them would be the ultimate adventure.

The dive was planned for 1 hour and 20 min of bottom time using a rebreather system in order to have prolonged and direct contact with the marine life.

Conditions were perfect for the dive — clear water, very little current for an impressive dive experience showcasing the quantity of life that is found in Hannibal bank.  Schools of snapper, jack, yellow fin tunas and manta rays. Thanks to our rebreather the large schools of fish were not afraid to come close to us.  After 1 hour and 20 min of diving, the group came to the surface exhilarated and with a huge smile.


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