Tec50 dive4, Bergen Norway

By Rene Petterson

Hi, I am Rene Petterson from Nemo Classic diving in the chilly waters of Bergen Norway. I have been following the TecRec blog for the last 2 years and I have been teaching the TecRec courses up here in the north.

I see that there is very little stuff coming from our little part of the world so I thought I might try sending you guys a little story for a Tec50 dive 4 I did today with one of my students.

It’s Sunday and I’m meeting up with my Tec50 student at the store. After some coffee, gas analysis and dive planning we set of to our dive spot. I can see he is excited. It’s the first 50m dive and also the first time he is trying trimix. (PADI Tec Trimix Instructors can introduce Tec 50 Divers to Trimix on Dive Four of the Tec 50 Diver Course – PADI) We clip stages and scooters at the bottom of the dive ladder and get our gear on. After the surface checks are done, we get in and don our stages.
S-drill OK. Bubble Check OK. We start the descent and do our final descent check. We make a stop at 22m just to check that all is well and we can see the line going down to “the tower”.
We see schools of small fish and I think to myself “spring is an awesome time to be diving”. Another short stop at 36m – all is ok. We pass the tower at 43m and continue along the bottom line towards the big 5 0. Arriving at 49m I signal to stop. We can see a small catfish looking out from some boulders we snap some pictures and signal up to next level. Around the tower we got some really nice pictures and after about 16 mins my student signals that he has reached his turn pressure so we start on our way back. Mission accomplished!
The first gas switch at 21 goes as smooth as silk and I find myself really proud of the level my student has reached. We reach 6m spot on at runtime and change to our 100% Oxygen,  12 more minutes and he signals clear to surface.

It’s good to be a TecRec instructor I think to myself and reply with the up signal.

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  1. Conducted deep dives at Bergen last 2 weeks. My personal experiences are in line with the article: amazing area, really good divespots with great horizontal and vertical visibility. Will dive there any moment available.

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