Tec Dossier – Firas Jundi

PADI/TecRec certification: PADI Course Director, TecRec Trimix & Tec Sidemount Instructor trainer

Usual Country of residence:

Ireland & Egypt  Tec Dossier 1              

What is your background and current involvement in diving?

I began working full time as a diving instructor since 1991 in Saudi Arabia. In 1997 I became a PADI Course Director. Currently I work for PADI EMEA as aTraining Consultant and Instructor Examiner. 

How did you get into tec diving?

In 2005 I moved to South Sinai, this part of the Red Sea offers magnificent sites but they can be beyond the limits of recreational diving. This is when I took the first step and completed the Tec Deep Diver training.

Tec Dossier 2

 Do have any specialised areas of interest?

Being based in Ireland has developed an interest in the Deep Wrecks which the Atlantic Ocean has many of to offer.

What do think the greatest challenges are in this kind of diving?

Cold water diving is very demanding. As opposed to Red Sea diving exposure protection, lower visibility and currents require different diving/decompression diving techniques to be rewarded with visiting a wreck which is hardly dived.

What are the most important attributes of a tec diver for the type of diving you do?

Patience, Team Ylayer, Wary & Discipline 

What are the most likely mistakes a tec diver can make in your kind of diving?

Not knowing/sticking to personal limits and comfort zone.

How do you prepare for a demanding technical dive?

Planning, rehearsal & practicing through a simulation dive.

Tec Dossier 3

What were your best or worst tec diving experiences?

Best was 100 +M in the Blue Hole – Dahab

Worst dive! I have a personal approach to bad tec diving experience – What you learn from it, one day can save your life. 

What influences your selection of dive gear?

Dive gear should be suitable for the type of diving environment/conditions as well as providing personal comfort 

What kind of person do you want diving in the same team as you?

Team player – does not exert/succumb to peer pressure

What advice would you give to someone thinking of getting into tec diving?

It takes three elements to make a good/safe tec diver: Top training system/materials – Good instructor – Diver with good technical diving attributes. So, choose the first two carefully & do not ignore the responsibility that lies on you to have the attributes you learn during the training.

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