Tec Deep Instructor Course – Bans Technical Diving, Koh Tao. Thailand.

Written by, Jeff Glenn, Course Director & PADI Technical Instructor Trainer

2013’s first Tec Deep Instructor program got under way on January 29th with 4 eager TecRec divers excited to be making the step into Technical Diving Instruction. Before the candidates started on their assists, PADI Course Director and TecRec Instructor Trainer Jeffrey Glenn, gave a thorough orientation to the “What is to be expected from a PADI TecRec Instructor?” and discussed the key standards and skills needed to be mastered on each of the 3 sub courses.

Once this was completed, the candidates then assisted our Tec Deep Instructors on the current programs they were conducting. We allowed the candidates to lead some of the skill demonstrations and Classroom sessions under the watchful eye of our Tec IT. 

Next step in their training was to sit through the TecRec Instructor Course, which we held over 3 days with our PADI TecRec IT Jeffrey Glenn. During this process, we again reviewed key standards, and broke each of the tec skills down and discussed the most effective and successful way to demonstrate them. This lead us into the Knowledge Development presentations and most importantly, the 2 confined and 2 Open water presentations they needed to successfully conduct. With 4 candidates participating, we were able to role-play all skills multiple times and really see the Tec Instructor candidate’s skills shine under the water. 

The final day was spent writing their Standards, Dive Theory and Practical Application exam, which they all passed successfully. 

So with the program complete, we just need to make sure the candidates have met their exit requirements as a Tec Deep Instructor and we’ll have 4 more PADI TecRec Instructors ready to help spread the word about the excitement that is Technical Diving.    

We have another Tec Deep Instructor program running at the end of March, just after we get back from OzTek’13!!

New PADI TecRec Instructors in Koh Tao, Thailand
New PADI TecRec Instructors in Koh Tao, Thailand

From right to left.
PADI MSDT – Chris Braissant.
PADI MSDT – Jon Bretherton
PADI IDC Staff Instructor –  Dominic Evans
PADI Course Director & Technical IT – Jeffrey Glenn
PADI IDC Staff Instructor – Michael Richardson

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  1. Hi,
    I am a IDCS, want to learn PADI Tec dive until reach to Tec Inst or Tec Deep Inst. How much the cost and duration. Early reply is appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi Karl,

      Thanks for your enquiry, great to here you want to teach PADI TecRec. Why don’t you drop a line to the Asia pacific Training department training@padi.com.au who will be able to help you with your individual circumstances.



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