Rebreather Training Alive and Well in America’s Heartland

Interest in the Poseidon MKVI Closed Circuit Rebreather is growing in the heartland of the United States as witnessed by the latest group of PADI members training on the unit. 3 PADI Members completed their academic and confined water training on the MKVI. In addition, a PADI Instructor accompanied them to complete part of his co-teaching requirements. The training was conducted by Steve Olfe, a PADI Rebreather IT, TecRec Trimix IT and owner of The Great American Diving Company in St. Louis, Missouri, USA (

Poseidon CCR Traning Alive and Well in American Heartland

Open Water training dives for all 4 members are scheduled for early January in Illinois and Florida. Congratulations to those members that are taking their first steps at the cutting edge of diving technology.

Written by, Steve Olfe

Owner & General Manager

PADI Course Director / Tec Trimix Instructor Trainer

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