PADI TecRec Analox Complete Gas Analyser Specialty Course

The purpose of the PADI TecRec Analox Complete Gas Analyser Specialty Course is to educate divers in the use of Analox Gas Analysers in the context of multi-gas diving as used in the TecRec environment. 

As recreational divers expand their diving horizons with the PADI TecRec Program and existing tec divers move in to multi-gas diving it is important to have an understanding of the gases involved, their properties and how they affect us as TecRec divers. It is also vital to know how to choose the right equipment to analyse the gases they a re breathing, the features of that equipment and how to use it correctly as a routine part of ensuring dives are safe.

Benefits for students: The PADI TecRec Analox Complete Gas Analyser Specialty Course teaches students how to use Analox analysers correctly and identifies the hazards associated with the gases involved in TecRec diving and the dangers of improper analysis. The course will also cover how each analyser actually works and teach students the basic maintenance of how and which components are user replaceable. 

Benefits for instructors: The PADI TecRec Analox Complete Gas Analyser Specialty Course is a great way of adding value and education for students who either purchase an Analox Analyser or would benefit from the training as part of their move to TecRec, or indeed for those already TecRec diving.

How to apply to teach this specialty: The PADI TecRec Analox Complete Gas Analyser Specialty Instructor Course will be held at DEMA (there will be two opportunities to participate during the show). The course and use of the Specialty course outline are free (you just need to pay for your instructor application) and there will be supporting course documentation and powerpoint/keynote presentations included.

There will be additional Instructor courses in the UK early 2013.

For more information on attending the DEMA seminars please contact Patti Clarkson directly at Analox (

For more information about attending the UK seminars please contact Martin Robson, either via Patti or directly at

4 Replies to “PADI TecRec Analox Complete Gas Analyser Specialty Course”

  1. I read this post and im left thinking “Why?” Am i missing something here? As far as i can see this is already part of the nitrox and trimix course. I teach theese parts in those courses annyway? Annyone care to elaborate on what point im missing? Best regards.

  2. I would be interested in understanding the driver for this course – surely a student will have already learned to use a nitrox analyser (and this particular model is very common in my experience, so it may well have even been an Analox) in the nitrox specialty course? Given that this is a TecRec course, perhaps someone can explain to me what is different between how you use an analyser for the specialty and how you’d use it for this course?!! I assume it if something to do with the trimix version (though the principles for using it are very similar)?

  3. PADI Distinctive Specialty Courses are authored by instructors with expertise in the field of the specialty. Several manufacturers have worked with PADI instructors to offer courses that teach divers about their products. In this case, the course covers how to use and maintain Analox analysers and the technical information behind the scenes, such as how each type of sensor works. As you may know, O2, He and CO sensors all work somewhat differently and Analox believe that a greater understanding of this will help divers choose the correct analyser for their purpose, maintain it for a longer life and ensure accurate gas analysis.

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