Tec meets Rec in Anglesey

On 8th and 9th Sept PADI attended the SITA (Scuba Industry Trade Association) event in Anglesey in North Wales. James Rogers – Director, UK Business and Simon Chance – Manager, Retail and Resort Association joined this ScubaFest  to help promote UK diving. The event also attracted divers from around the UK and many who dive deep and many who haven’t enjoyed UK diving. For those of you not familiar with North Wales, this wreck is a divers dream, boosting over 200 sites, this incredible number is partly due to the sheer volume of shipping passing through these waters on their way to Liverpool in the 19th century, unfortunately many didn’t make the journey and now welcome responsible well trained divers to the adventure of diving their depths now.

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ScubaFest is a celebration and of course promotion of all things great within the UK dive scene. The activities ranged from wreck diving, pool experiences where PADI offered Discover Scuba Diving, Discover Sidemount and Discover Rebreather to those eligible to beach clean-ups, hog roast, live music and even face painting for the kids.  The attendance was impressive with 250 people joining, watch out for these events in the future as there is always something for everyone to enjoy!

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