PADI Asia Pacific staff – getting depth in their training

Alex Boulton PADI Educational Consultant & PADI Rebreather Instructor MKVI

PADI Rebreather Divers John O’Brien, Director of Customer Service & PRRA, & Young Hee Haniss, Member Liaison Officer: Korea, recently completed PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver training on the Poseidon MKVI.

The first diving day at Sydney Harbour’s Clifton Gardens saw the divers mastering off board bailout use: removal & replacement of bailout underwater & at the surface, loop clearing utilising the offboard bailout and out of gas scenarios. The divers also finetuned buoyancy, ascents, SMB deployment and a no mask swim & ascent while on the loop.

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The second day was a real treat as we completed 2 dives on the wreck of the ex HMAS Adelaide on the Central Coast of NSW. A short boat ride out took us to a mooring amidships and from there the divers took a tour that incorporated skills while gradually descending each deck  & then forward over the bow & almost down to the sand. They then returned to amidships to shoot the SMB from 18m & completed an out of gas shared air ascent scenario. On final dive 5 of the course the skipper dropped us on the stern of the wreck next to the hangar. We then gradually made our way to the bridge where we were greeted by a school of juvenile kingfish. We then moved back amidships & shot the SMB from 24m. Clear waters & calm seas allowed the diver to really enjoy diving the MKVI in 30m of water and gave them a great opportunity to meet the challenges of making ascents from increased depth.

Congratulations to both divers and a big thanks to Bob Diaz, Pro Dive Central Coast for our dives on the ex HMAS Adelaide & Tony Davis Aqua Tech Australia for equipment support.

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  1. We did have all; the best instructor, the weather, the site and company! Enjoyed very much! What’s next?

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