Conclusion of Coelacanth Dive Expedition July 2012 – Manado, Indonesia

Our first Coelacanth Expedition dive for July 2012 to 90m a day ago was a good start to check out our dive procedures and team systems. It was also a good test to make sure that all our gear was working correctly and the CCR re-breathers were also doing what they do best! Before our 2nd Coelacanth expedition dive, we also did 2 more 50m dives a day before to have some fun and re-adjust some equipment configurations.

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Dive 2: 24 July – Bunaken Island, Manado, North Sulawesi – 100m

After a full day of preparations we were ready to go! Our 2nd Coelacanth Expedition dive was to 100m. We wanted to go back to the same spot where we did the first dive, however the weather picked up and we were forced to go to another site to explore for the elusive Coelacanth. According to local fishermen, some previous catches of Coelacanths have been (un-offically) reported to be in this area also.

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