Liquivision Xeo Dive Computer Distinctive Specialty Outline – Now Available!

By Liquivision Products

The purpose of the PADI Liquivision Xeo Dive Computer Specialty Diver Course is to educate scuba divers on the proper use of a dive computer in the context of multi-gas, decompression diving.

For most recreational (one gas, no decompression) divers, the main purpose of their computer is to provide no-decompression time information, especially over the course of several dives. As such, recreational divers are not familiar with the advanced features of dive computers.

As recreational divers explore technical diving with the PADI TecRec Program, they need to find out how dive computers can help plan and execute technical dives. By taking the Xeo Distinctive Specialty, students will learn how enter a dive plan into their computer using the “runtime” feature, obtain the resulting decompression and gas-switch schedule, and then plan how much gas they need to take on their dive. Students will also learn about setting up multiple gases ahead of their dive, including Dive, Deco and Backup gases, as well as the impact of various conservatism settings, such as Gradient Factors, and PO2 levels for each gas. Finally, students will learn how to read and interpret the decompression information provided by the computer during their dive, as well as how to make gas switches underwater.

Benefits for students: The PADI Xeo Dive Computer Specialty Course teaches students how to set up a technical dive on the Xeo dive computer, which is arguably one of the easiest technical computers to learn and operate due to its intuitive tap navigation and clear menu system, and also one of the easiest technical computers to read, due to its large fonts and bright, color OLED display. Best of all, students can download a Xeo simulator that allows them to navigate through menus and simulate dives on their home computer.

Benefits for instructors: The PADI Xeo Dive Computer Specialty Course is a great one to choose to teach – the Xeo is so easy to use that the focus of the course can be on teaching technical diving with the aid of a computer, rather than on helping students decipher the complex button-push sequences they need to set up their unit. You will get your students comfortable with the technology faster, so they can focus on the dive.

How to apply to teach this specialty:

If you are experienced in this area, you may qualify to teach the Liquivision Xeo Dive Computer Distinctive Specialty. Apply to your PADI Regional Headquarters using Method 3 on the Specialty Instructor Course Application. You can download the outlines by navigating to PADI’s Pros Website where you can find it under: Training Essentials > Curriculum > Diver Training > Specialties, and look for “Product-specific PADI distinctive specialty outlines”.

For More Information:

To learn more about the Liquivision Xeo computer, please visit the Xeo webpage. To experience the Xeo functionality, you can download the Xeo simulator and watch the Xeo tap-navigation video. You can also contact Liquivision at

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  1. I am confused is this a TecRec specialty? What are the prerequisites for application – as these aren’t detailed in the blog – you say “if you are experienced in this area”. Do you mean experienced in ‘mixed-gas, decompression diving’?

    So, Trimix instructor?

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