Mission Coelacanth: Dive 1 Report

By Brendon Sing
Bunaken TEC Manager in association with Two Fish Divers

After a day of some test dives to 50m, Iain and I got down to the really serious business of going down deep and search for Coelacanth around Bunaken Island in Indonesia. our first of 3 planned dives is to 90m looking for possible areas of interest for our subsequent dives over the next 3 days when we will plan to do dives between 100-120m.

Iain is using the Inspiration CCR with the Narced @90 head. Myself, am diving with the ISC Megalodon eCCR. Our dive plan was for a 90m dive for 18-20min. The whole dive will take us about 2 hours to get back to the surface after our decompression.

The conditions for the day was absolutely amazing with calm surface conditions and visibility up to about 30m. After entering the water and checking our bailout tanks we started our descent. After a small stop at 5-6m for a bubble and gear check we headed down. The sloping wall just goes down to over 1,500m, our descent to 90 is very smooth. Everything went according to plan, dive depth, time and decompression. Unfortunately no Coelacanths were seen on this dive, but we have spotted our area of interest for our next dives planned to go deeper!

More dives, info and pictures coming soon!

For more information about Coelacanths, please see http://www.dinofish.com/ for more details.


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