Exploring an unknown wreck!

Written by Stuart Jones, TecDeepBlue, Malta.

You may remember we here, at Tec Deep Blue, have been exploring an unknown wreck off the south coast of Malta which lies at 115m. The mystery surrounding this discovery may be closer to being solved. As through subsequent dives at this site there appears to be either more than one vessel sunk in this location or different pieces of the same wreck spread over the target area. 

The first two exploratory dives by Stuart Jones, Jonathan Thomas and Mark Powell yielded no photographic evidence because of camera lighting issues in the gloom at that depth. We had to rely on memory to try to identify the wrecks but it is amazing how little you remember when you try to recall details form dives at these depths!

So in 2010 a deep wreck expedition was made out here to Malta led by highly respected CCR instructor trainer Helmuth Biechl and hosted by Tec Deep Blue to try to film the wreck and shed some more light on the find. 

The Cameraman was Thomas Heinemeyer who had mounted his HD video Camera onto his Bonex Scooter ( two of these DPVs where utilised) and the rest of the 6 man team, who included, Helmuth Biechl, Jordi Mateo Rubio and Dirk Berben, supported by Berni Leicher and Bernhard Jungwirth, made a dive on the site which yielded some interesting new footage. 

Just recently Thomas, has released the footage on the website Vimeo, which you can watch at  http://vimeo.com/37381184

The editing and production took some time, but the result was well the wait and  is an excellent piece which not only shows the unknown wreck but also showcase’s Malta’s world class deep wrecks, such as Le Polynesien.   

From this footage we have ruled out some of our earlier ideas, and are now focusing on the HMS Moor due to a strange feature found on the bow of the wreck, I have attached a picture for you to have a look at. The HMS Moor was a mooring vessel built in 1919, converted to a minesweeper during the Second World War, and sunk off Malta on the 8th April 1942, with the tragic loss of all but one of her 29 Maltese crew. 

At the moment research is in a early stages and we are having difficulty locating more detailed information about the ship, so if anyone has anything to share, please contact us at Tec Deep Blue Malta.

Looking ahead we have some plans in the pipeline for further dives on this wreck and others that we are actively searching for such as the Kujawiak, a Polish Destroyer sunk here in the 1940’s. The problem as always when running a busy diving centre is getting the opportunity and the weather at the same time. Nothing new there then. Safe diving.”

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  1. That was amazing video, nice job. This makes me want to become a Tec diver for sure!

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