In Memory of Jordi Mateo Rubio

In Memory of Jordi Mateo Rubio 1971-2012.  We have been shocked to hear of the passing of Jordi Mateo Rubio, one of the leading technical divers in Europe, whilst diving in Spain. A more passionate man you could not meet, a gentleman and leader in the promotion of Closed Circuit apparatus. Jordi was involved in every aspect of rebreather diving,  from diving and owning most of the units on the market today, to educating and promoting the use of CCR. Most of all though Jordi was a gentleman and everyone who met him felt lucky to have made his acquaintance. Rest In peace.

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  1. Rest In Peace Jordi, you have been a true professional, you will be missed by all the dive community, all my condoleances goes to the family and friends in such a hard time…

  2. We feel SO sad that someone so kind, happy and professional has lost his life doing what he loved. My deepest condolences to his sister Vanessa and her family. Rest in Peace Jordi, you will never be forgotton.

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