Divers delight in Tec Xplor Day in Cairns

Tec Xplor Days are an opportunity for scuba divers of all levels to enjoy a day of tec diving related experiences, discover more about technical diver training and get the chance to use technical dive equipment.

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The combined forces of PADI Asia Pacific, Pro Dive Cairns, Tech Dive Academy of Port Douglas and Hollis Tec Diving Equipment successfully delivered Queensland Australia’s first Tec Xplor Day in Cairns on Sunday 25th, March 2012.  Held at the new Pro Dive Cairns training centre at 116 Spence St, Cairns, the well promoted event attracted divers from mid morning with the first classroom presentation in full swing by 11am.

While more people arrived, the full days’ program of presentations continued and included topics such as Recreational and Technical Sidemount, Nitrox, Technical Wings and Harnesses (Singles, Twins, Stages), Dry Suits and Full Face Masks. Speakers included Mark Miller, Alex van Welderen, Ross Anderson, Bjorn Nielsen and Hans Ullrich.

Meanwhile, the first of many ‘Try Dives’ kicked off in the pool at 11.30am. This gave everyone the chance to dive with the latest technical diving equipment for Sidemount, Tech Sidemount, Dry Suit diving and Full Face Mask dives.

At midday, Dan Macherel, (Technical Consultant, PADI Technical Diving Division) presented “Where can PADI TecRec take you?” giving details on the current PADI TecRec range of courses. A further presentation by Dan followed at 3pm featuring, “The Future of TecRec”.

Hosts Pro Dive Cairns turned on a BBQ lunch from 12 noon with Managing Director/Chef, Rod Punshon in charge of the grill.   The BBQ fundraiser was sponsored by PADI Asia Pacific with proceeds donated to the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre.

The day time events for the general public concluded at 3.30pm and were followed by an industry evening session through to 9.00pm with further presentations,tec displays and pool demonstrations.The daytime events for the general public concluded at 3.30pm and were followed by an Industry

MARK MILLER, owner of TECH DIVE ACADEMY, Port Douglas, commented, “It was great to see key industry players coming together, for this the first Xplor Day in Cairns, and with such a good turnout during the day, I’m looking forward to our next one –

Rebreather Xplor Day coming soon! There is a strong local dive community in North Queensland and it is important that they can access and benefit from the great adventure and technical diving right here on their door step.  We’re still busy following up with everyone almost a week later.”

As Queensland’s first Tec Xplor Day came to a close, the general view expressed by attendees was that they thought it fantastic to see the four companies working together introducing Enriched Air Nitrox and Technical diving to Cairns.

Keep an eye out for a PADI Tec Xplor event near you or keep visiting the PADI TecRec blog

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