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Tec Training Snapshot : PADI Rebreather Qualifier

PADI Technical Consultant Dan Macherel recently completed the PADI Rebreather Qualifier course to become a PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver on the Poseidon MKVI. Dan already held a CCR qualification to dive on a JJ CCR but wanted to learn about type R, recreational, rebreathers. The Qualifier course was the ideal way to recognise his prior certification and experience towards diving a different rebreather. Dan was able to cross over his qualification and is now a PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver. We asked Dan what he thought about his course & the training:

Why did you decide to purchase a recreational rebreather?

As a PADI Pro I’ve always been interested in emerging technology. I think a good trainer needs to understand what they teach in the context of the wider field. Inevitably people would ask me as an Instructor what’s a rebreather, how does it work, do I need one and I wanted to answer from a position of understanding.

What specifically interests you about rebreathers?

I’m interested in technology and particularly how we use & apply technology to overcome challenges. I’ve dived open circuit for a long time and rebreathers are an ingenious way to address how we can stay underwater longer.

What did you like about the Qualifier Program?

It’s really encouraging as the training I’ve already had is recognised. What I previously learnt was a more technical approach one that was born out of a technical diving mindset and addressed the capabilities & application of the technical rebreather I was learning on. The MKVI is a different type of rebreather and requires a different response to problems. I needed to learn these but it was great that what I already knew allowed me to complete a more condensed course.

What did you have to do?

I was crossing over at the PADI Advance Rebreather Diver level so it was 5 Open Water Dives, & 140 minutes underwater. There was a manual that I read along with knowledge reviews, a video of the skills which I watched and then some practical applications assembling, disassembling & cleaning the rebreather and a final exam.

What did you find different or challenging about the PADI Rebreather Qualifier Program?

Strangely it took me back to the open water diver course as there is a hovering skill both at PADI Rebreather & PADI Advanced rebreather diver level. As buoyancy is a critical skills and very different on a Rebreather and CCR it was good to spend an adequate time mastering the discipline.

What’s your next step?

I’ll be diving the unit a lot this year and hopefully I’ll be attending PADI Rebreather Instructor Course sometime in 2012 –perhaps Phuket, Thailand in June.

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  1. Congratulations Dan and hope to see you at Phuket in June this year for the PADI rebreather instructor course !

    Best Regards from Raymond Lim, PADI IDC SI 261920 Singapore

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