A Great Sidemount Promo Example

Here is a great example of how to use video to promote your TecRec courses. A nice job by Jonas and the guys at Team Blue Immersion.

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    1. PADI have written both recreational and technical sidemount courses. As with our other programs we do, of course, have equipment requirements at each level but are not too prescriptive, allowing instructors as much freedom to choose which type of equipment is best suited to their environment and students needs.

  1. We just completed our first PADI Tec Sidemount Student and Instructor Course here in Dahab and the new course outline is great. It was exactly what we needed and the timing could not have been better. I highly recommend any PADI Instructor out there to look into becoming a Sidemount Instructor. We have seen a huge increase in divers of all levels wanting to learn Sidemount the last 12 months. With the increased interest in Sidemount we have also seen that many Instructor are looking for information about equipment setups and more. The new PADI Outlines in combination with completing the training yourself is a great start and will provide you with many tips related to training and configurations. As an addition to this we created a dedicated website with sidemount tips. The site is reviewing and discussing many brands out there, both Sidemount only units like the Razor and the Hollis SM50 and Sidemount Multipurpose Systems like the Diverite Nomad and the Hollis SMS100. We hope with this site that we can share some ideas we picked up along the way diving and teaching sidemount. If you have not tried sidemount – give it a try – i am sure that you are going to love it as much as we do – no matter if you are a recreational diver or an experienced cave explorer. For more information see http://www.sidemountdahab.com. Kind regards Erik Brown & Jonas Samuelsson, PADI Rec & Tec Sidemount Instructor & Instructor Trainer. Team Blue Immersion @ Dahab Divers Technical.

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