Updated PADI Tec Basics Distinctive Specialty released

PADI’s TecRec revolution is continuing and yet another PADI TecRec course has been released – the PADI Tec Basics Distinctive Specialty. The PADI Tec Basics course is a bridge from recreational to technical diving, providing divers with an opportunity to gain exposure to tec diving and learn and practice entry level tec diving skills. It introduces recreational divers to tec diving without them initially having to make the larger commitment (in terms of equipment, time and cost) necessary for the core PADI Tec courses. PADI Tec Basics dive scope is within recreational limits, splitting the skills of Tec 40 Dive 1 into two dives. The course provides PADI Tec Instructors with the opportunity to have students practise fundamental tec skills before enrolling in the PADI Tec 40 programme. The course also presents a recognition level for students who choose not to continue their technical training.

Any current and teaching status PADI Tec Instructor (or instructors with a higher rating) can forward a PADI Specialty Instructor Application (Form 10180) for PADI Tec Basics to the local area office for processing. The application fee is currently waived. The diver prerequisites have been made more accessible to your students with the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or qualifying certification as the only prerequisite. There are two confined water and two open water training dives. Download the revised outline from the Pros’ site at padi.com (> Training Essentials > TecRec) or contact the PADI Technical Diving Division for more information today.

Since the PADI Tec Basics Distinctive Specialty is actually a portion of the PADI Tec 40 course, Tec Basics may, at the instructors discretion, credit toward this certification if completed within 12 months. Tec 40 Training Dive One, Practical Applications One and Two and Knowledge Development One and Two may be credited towards the PADI Tec 40 Diver if all performance requirements have been met.

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  2. Didn’t we ‘used’ to have that? Then it became ‘Discover Tec’?

    Or am I imagining things?

    Anyway… thanks PADI for a useful tool… and thanks for waiving the fees! Decent of you!

    1. Hi Andy,

      We have had Tec Basics for a while but it is separate from Discover Tec. This is an updated Tec Basics course to bring it inline with the newer programs.



  3. In the article it states the Only pre Req is that the diver is an Advanced OW.

    However on the main PASI site the pre reqs are that you should be nitrox & deep also???


  4. Hi Kelvin,

    I’m not sure where abouts on padi.com you were but if you send me the link I can check and correct if necessary. The outline and standards are on the PADI pros site and AOW is the student pre-req.

    Thanks, Vikki


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    This is a great new training option for those who want to take an exploratory look at Technical diving without necessarily commiting to a Tec 40 course.

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