Rebreathers in the Galapagos

“The Galapagos Islands are known worldwide for providing incredible opportunity to observe marine mega fauna. Common encounters include big schools of hammer-head and galapagos sharks, white tip reef sharks and whale sharks. As a result, the northernmost islands of Darwin and Wolf have been considered top ten dive sites in the world for big encounters by many diving magazines worldwide and a healthy dive tourism market has grown steadily. 

Until recently, the use of advanced diving technologies had been limited due to the recreational diving profiles performed and the close encounters available even for open circuit divers. But this is no longer the case.

The opportunity to experience the worldwide famous destination on a closed circuit rebreather is now available and provides a whole new level of enjoyment underwater by granting closer encounters and great photo and video opportunities.

The following footage is a raw-ish edit of a single 60 minute rebreather dive in a recent trip organized by PADI Master Instructor Jorge A.

Mahauad and PADI Course Director Andy Philips. This trip is the second since 2010 by Galapagos Rebreathers, a rebreather travel specialized organization in the Galapagos Islands who is consistently promoting and executing rebreather live-aboard and land based trips there.”

Jorge A.  Mahauad

Galapagos Advanced Diving, Rebreathers, Expeditions & Training

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