Recreational Rebreather Training in South Africa

From Peter Herbst, PADI CD

Poseidon South Africa have been working closely with Big B (Peter Herbst) to become the 1st PADI Rebreather Instructor Trainer in Southern Africa, thereby ensuring that PADI Instructors can be trained as PADI Rebreather Instructors in South Africa. The Poseidon Discovery MK VI is currently the only rebreather that has been accepted by PADI as a type R (recreational) rebreather.

Chris Serfontein (Aquadivers) and Big B will be doing a “Road show” during November 2011 ( Durban, Pretoria, Johannesburg & Cape Town) where they will be conducting “Suck and See” experiences for 1) Instructors & DM’s and, 2) Members of the Public that are interested in trying out, and learning more about the program as well as the Poseidon Discovery.

Interested Instructors and Divemasters will then be offered preferential prices to do the training in conjunction with Poseidon Rebreather Centers. The Discover Rebreather program for Instructors and Dive Masters will include marketing as well as manufacturer workshops.

Interested parties should contact Aqua Divers International at

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  1. We are starting in Durban with a talk tonight ( 9 November ) at Durban Underwater club and with tryouts at the Kingspark pool Tomorrow ( Thursday) – then teaching the first PADI Rebreather course in South Africa on the weekend at Aliwal Shoal.
    We will be in Sodwana next week and in Johannesburg an Prteoria the week after. Cape Town end of the month.
    Anyone interested can contact me or Aquadivers on the details provided

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