A comment received at PADI from Course Director Martin Ainsworth

Firstly let me thank you for the best four weeks I have had teaching courses since becoming a PADI Instructor, I am absolutely beaming at the moment.

I felt honoured to go to Gothenburg on the first instructor and Instructor trainer program for the new PADI Recreational Rebreather course, which proved to be extremely worthwhile. Not only were the new ‘Type R Rebreather’ courses well structured, they were both inspiring and comprehensive in their content.You and PADI have truly done a great job.

Having now taught both user levels, an instructor crossover, an instructor course and a simulated assist I can truly say that all the courses are a pleasure to teach and that everyone involved respects both the content and inspirational objectives. More so the group of instructors were amazed at how much content the PADI Rebreather courses had compared to their initial courses with other agencies. I can truly say that they all left with nothing but praise for your work and respect for these new Rebreather courses PADI offer.

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