TEC 45 Dive log

Reynaldo (Manager of Two Fish Divers – Bunaken Island, Manado, Indonesia)

Quote: `Astronauts and cosmonauts, and tec divers face similar challenges. Both enter an extreme environment where humans cannot live without life support.’

Well, if you are still reading this after that quote from the DSAT Tec Deep Diver manual, maybe technical diving is for you! Bunaken’s clear, calm and warm waters, combined with its deep walls and the wreck near Manado make it an ideal location for technical diving.

The diving facilities at Bunaken Two Fish Divers are exceptionally good, we have in Manado one hyperbaric chamber and a very experienced Tec instructor: Mr. Brendon Sing. Combine that with direct flights from Singapore to Manado, and you have a great destination for Technical diving.

In fact Tec diving is my little baby, I am currently on the way to finish my Tec Deep course and below is a description of the fourth dive of the Tec 45 course Brendon and I did a few days ago! Enjoy!

We planned a dive in a local dive spot named Muka Kampung (in front of the village in Bahasa Indonesia) to 45mts with a planned bottom time of 12 minutes!! WOW, that’s a nice bottom time! What a great time we had down there. When we got down there I kept on the lookout, with my eyes wide open.

The first thing I noticed was topography that I was not familiar with, having never dived this site to these depths. At 45mts and a visibility of nearly 20mts, I could see probably until 65mts or more! Ridges, slopes, drop-offs, more wall going down. It’s amazing to think about the great depths that we have around Bunaken Island and experience them! After a few minutes of acclimatizing I started to scream my lungs out to Brendon (who was looking at some nudis) for a school of big tunas circling and turning at super fast speeds right in front of our eyes! WOW!! What a shock!

After I started to catch my breath, I saw a white tip shark of about two meters long swimming about 15mts below us, and again screaming at Brendon who was puzzled looking at a sea cucumber!! Brendon!! Look here man!! How graceful is this beautiful creature, gentile, swift… What a personality in the way it swims, like saying: I’m the boss here! I couldn’t believe what a dive we were having, and suddenly I see an eagle ray right in front of us!! Again, I had to interrupt Brendon, this time he was looking at a sea star! The eagle ray swam slowly at us before making its turn into the blue!!

Now, it was time to start ascending and our deep exploration was over. As we went up we saw another school of smaller tunas or bonitos, a really big male green turtle and lots of rainbow runners, blue mask surgeon fish, and fusiliers.

Excellent dive, writing this still fills my heart with joy for this experience! Lesson learned: next time carry my scuba diving noise maker!

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