Put your business on the map – register as a PADI TecRec Center!

PADI Dive Centers and Resorts looking to increase their Tec business can now position themselves to great advantage in front of potential customers, by registering as a PADI TecRec Center

Launched earlier in 2011, this new PADI Award recognizes PADI dive businesses serving the Technical diving community; upon approval, PADI TecRec Centers receive the following benefits; 

  • Formal title of PADI TecRec Center.
  • Specially created PADI TecRec Center marketing materials to advertise, promote and indicate the source of origin of the PADI TecRec Center services, certifications and products provided.
  • Enhanced visibility on the PADI Dive Shop Locator (DSL);
    • A unique icon designating the PADI TecRec Center award
    • A unique icon designating the PADI TecRec Center within the pop-up feature on search maps
    • A unique icon designating the PADI TecRec Center award on sidebar adverts, where these have been pre-booked*
    • Inclusion within the Advanced Search Criteria tool, to assist technical divers and other consumers with locating PADI TecRec Centers 

…as well as being listed clearly on the http://www.padi.com/ Dive Shop Locator as a provider of PADI TecRec training, recognizable instantly as such by the inclusion of a PADI TecRec logo within the centre’s data card. 

To pre-qualify for this Award, all that is required is for your centre to have recorded a PADI TecRec diver certification during 24 months prior to application, the diving certification pre-requisites including PADI Tec 40, Tec 45, Tec 50, Tec Trimix 65 or Tec Trimix diver. If you would like to learn more about the PADI TecRec Center award, or require assistance with building toward an application for this prestigious recognition, please contact us at mailto:irra@padi.co.uk , including your application form for direct evaluation if you feel your centre already meets the stated prerequisites

* PADI TecRec Center icon will be displayed in sidebar adverts where this paid option has been taken up, or is taken up at any point in the future.

One Reply to “Put your business on the map – register as a PADI TecRec Center!”

  1. Does every link of “PADI TecRec Center” need to go to an application? Sure would be nice to go to a list of existing centers or some relavent content on the PADI site. Also, do you really want to target that form for the search engines everytime someone ‘googles’ PADI TecRec Center?

    Just a thought…

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