The First Tec Rec Centre in the Philippines

By Lee Butler, PADI member

Scotty’s Dive Centre, in Cebu is proud to be PADI’s first Tec Rec centre in the Philippines.

The team at Scotty’s, headed up by PADI Master Instructor and Tec guru Scott Livingston, are able to offer the full range of Tec Rec courses from Discover Tec through to Tri-mix.

Scott, a cave diving enthusiast, has been involved in Tec diving for more than 20 years and oversees all courses. For those interested in cave diving we have both fresh and saltwater caves for you to explore. There is a fantastic choice of wrecks to see, the closest is the Liloan Wreck a former ferry that sunk due to a fire and now lies on its side, intact at 50 metres, the Camotes Wreck at 75 metres, the WWII Catmun wreck at 90 meters and at the bay of Leyte which was the stage of the first landing of American forces in WWII is the B17 and USS cooper.

Scotty’s is also the only rebreather friendly dive shop in Mactan, the Inspiration rebreather being the weapon of choice for our guys. We typically have 3 to 4 unit’s onsite in the shop. We stock Sofnolime and a range of spare parts.

We have onsite a purpose built state of the art Tec mixing station, we are the only shop in Cebu with a booster pump, no need to waste any precious helium and we can provide 200 bar O2 fills.

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As an added bonus we normally end our Tec 50 courses with a trip to the famous Liloan car ferry wreck, an unforgettable dive, it also provides the perfect backdrop for our Distinctive Advanced Wreck specialty.

The Shangri la sanctuary, directly in front of our dive shop, provides the ideal spot for your training dives. A Marine protected area since 2006, the sanctuary has an impressive amount of Fish life, coral and another shipwreck for divers to enjoy.

At Scotty’s we a passionate about Tec Diving, come and join us. We are just 15 minutes from Cebu international airport within the grounds of Mactans Shangri La resort and Spa.

2 Replies to “The First Tec Rec Centre in the Philippines”

  1. You will be the first tec rec center but not many info in your website,looks that you manage many activities,parasailing,island hoping etc etc, and also tech diving like another source of benefits,just my opinion…

  2. Hi trekkie, your quite right, we have a full range of activities to benefit our customers. No one gets bored at Scotty’s.

    The information on Tec courses and diving is being updated as we speak, for the time being email us your requirements and we’ll get back to you the same day.

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