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Two Fish Divers is the first and only dive center in Sulawesi, Indonesia registered as a PADI Tec Center and is CCR Re-Breather friendly! A new Tec diving Two Fish Divers division has been created called Bunaken Tec! The Manager of Bunaken Tec is Brendon Sing, PADI Course Director, Tec Instructor Trainer and Re-Breather diver. Apart from offering a full range of PADI Tec and Trimix courses and later PADI CCR re-breather courses once they are available, we are now leading “Tec Diving Expeditions” in search of Coelacanths around the island’s 600m wall drop-offs (of course we do not go as deep as 600m).

“WHAT IS THE COELACANTH? The Coelacanth is a prehistoric fish that thrived during the Devonian age some 400 million years ago. It was thought to have disappeared along with the dinosaurs until it’s rediscovery in South Africa during 1938. It was caught by a local fisherman and soon it was on the headlines as one of the greatest discoveries of the century. A “living fossil” it was nicknamed. Later in the later 1980s the first film footage would be taken of living Coelacanths by a submersible in the Comoros Islands at depths of around 200m. Since then Coelacanths have also been discovered in Madagascar and more recently in 1997, in the North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Right in our back yard!

COELACANTH DIVING EXPEDITIONS Bunaken island, as well as the surrounding island are all formed from massive volcanic activity in the area. Much like the Comoros islands where the Coelacanth was first filmed. Just 40m from the front of the dive resort is a wall that drops down straight to the first shelf at 50m. These shelves continue until they reach depths of over 600m. The shelves created huge overhangs and in some areas some caverns and caves. These conditions make it optimal for Coelacanth habitats. This was proven when they were discovered here in 1998 and also recently filmed by submersibles from Japan.

CAN IT BE DONE? Scuba Diving (open circuit and closed circuit) expeditions for the Coelacanth have been successful in South Africa where Coelacanths were identified off the continental shelf near Sodwana Bay at depths between 90-110m. These depths are with the limits of experienced technical divers either on open or closed circuit scuba. The fact is, no one else has ever offered this kind of diving opportunity in this (North Sulawesi, Indonesia) area that has the Coelacanth location easily accessible, facilities, equipment and experience to pull it off… Until now!

For the actual Coelacanth dives we are looking at exploring areas between 90-110m. Some area that we have already explored look very promising as ideal habitat locations for Coelacanths offering overhangs and caverns where they rest and group during the day.

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By Brendon Sing

PADI Course Director # 609564
PADI Tec-Deep & Trimix Instructor Trainer
Two Fish Divers – Manado, Indonesia

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