CCR Diver Course in Mt Gambier Caves

By Rubens Monaco, PADI IDC Staff & Tec Trimix Instructor

IDC Scuba run completed an Optima CCR Diver Course in Mt Gambier, South Australia over the weekend. Optima Instructor Rubens Monaco with students Fredi Berger and Wayne Johnson, spent the weekend at a sinkhole site called Kilsbys Hole. 

The confined water, theory and 3 of the 7 open water dives were completed in Melbourne over the previous weeks. Both Fredi and Wayne purchased their own Dive Rite Optima FX eCCRs prior to beginning the course. 

The final 4 dives of the course were finished in Mt Gambier and the crystal clear deep waters of Kilsbys Hole made for a perfect training site to finish their course. 

The first two dives on Saturday consisted of a dive to 30m and the team spent 76 minutes underwater completing various skills which included bailout scenarios, running the unit in manual mode, flooded loop drills and closed and open solenoid skills. 

The second dive was again to 30m with the guys spending 80 minutes completing more drills and starting to get very comfortable with the unit and its capabilities. 

Both Fredi and Wayne are very capable cave divers and found the units to be very friendly in the cave environment. The both trimmed out very easily on the units and this added to the overall experience which the guys had. 

Sunday morning was the 40m deco dive and the guys were subject to a few spontaneous problems which they had to deal with on the dive. The last dive was also a problem solving dive and this deco dive also need to be completed on bailout which dragged the dive out to over an hour as well.

 Congratulations to the guys on there completing the course and now been able to dive their Optimas. IDC Scuba runs rebreather courses for both the Dive Rite Optima FX and Poseidon Discovery MK6 rebreathers. There is one of each unit on display in the shop and interested customers can complete a 2 hour try dive on either of the units on a one-on-one basis.

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  1. What does that do with PADI TecRec? Do we have a PADI CCR course yet?

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