Feedback from the PADI TecRec IT Crossover

Martin Robson, Cave Diver, Rebreather and PADI TecRec Instructor Trainer

I have just participated in the second ever PADI TecRec IT crossover programme. Despite the fact that the room was full of ITs from other training agencies combining a vast wealth of skill and experience from all across Europe, PADI and the PADI Staff proved their courses and the PADI system for diver education to be first class and definitely worthy of inclusion in mainstream tec diver training. The crossover was well presented, very useful and informative and well received by all those attending. An exciting opportunity to be involved in a new level of tec diving.”

Luca Belladonna, Cave Diver, Rebreather and PADI TecRec Instructor Trainer

“The TecRec Trainer Crossover has been an interesting and stimulating experience. I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside people with great experience, exchange views and opinions with them and share the same passion for the magical world of technical diving. The exemplary conduct of the course, in an environment that was harmonious but at the same time electrifying, has opened for us new horizons and has introduced us into the state of the art of technical diving represented by TecRec programs.”

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