Do you take a video camera tec diving?

Sea the Change, a global conservation contest, has launched and YOU can enter. 

People have two ways to participate:

    1. Enter Sea the Change by uploading a video clip about the underwater world they love and what they are doing to protect it. (Participants can enter as many videos as they wish, and videos taken while tec diving are welcome!)
    2. Share videos with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other places. Vote for their favorite videos.

The entrant with the most votes wins a $5000 US grand prize. Plus, the PADI organization will donate an additional $5000 US to the Project AWARE Foundation in honor of the winner.      

The strength of Sea the Change is its capacity to leverage the viral nature of social media.  Anyone can vote on and share these video entries with their Facebook friends with the click of a mouse. This means the conservation effort has the ability to build huge momentum as more people share with their friends throughout the year.

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