CCR Snapshots

By Vikki Batten

During our recent trip to Malta PADI’s professional photographer, Karl Shreeves, took photos of CCR divers to illustrate and promote our forthcoming rebreather courses.

In between modelling (!) for these photos I managed to “point and shoot” a few piccies of my own to record the events. Don’t worry – these are only for the blog…

Tony Read and Mike Fowler from Ambient Pressure Diving and Silent Diving setting up Evolution rebreathers at Divewise, Malta – out hosts for the week.

Marcus Benér and Sverker Palmblad from Poseidon preparing to kit up

Karl Shreeves, PADI Technical Diving Division, photographs all aspects of preparation and maintenance.

We managed to get a couple of lovely dives on the wreck Um El Faroud. Whilst Karl orchestrated the professional photographs I took photos of the divers waiting their turn.

Al Wright, VR Technologies diving a Sentinel CCR.

Tony Read, Ambient Pressure diving an Evolution CCR. 

Marcus Benér, Poseidon, diving a MKVI Discovery

I even managed to get a couple of photos of Karl at work:

We had a great week and would like to thank all the manufacturers and their representatives for joining us and making it such a success.

We also owe a huge thank you to Divewise, Malta and their staff; Owners Viv and Alan, Neville – who co-ordinated everything for us, Sarah, Ed and Danny who was our safety diver all week.

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