TFC Profile #2 – Dr. Richard Pyle


For Richard’s whole life he has been interested in fishes, and it always has been that way. Richard has had an aquarium since he was a little kid, so fishes have always come first. Scuba diving was a tool to get access to fishes.

He has said “The most exciting part for me is finding new things that nobody ever found before, and I quickly learned that the only way I could go where my Ph.D advisor P.H.Randall hadn’t already found a fish was—and he has been all over the world other than down—so I got into deep diving to try to get into a new place and find new kinds of new fishes nobody found before.”

Richard is definitely a biologist first and a rebreather diver second. But will say that he gets almost as much enjoyment out of thinking about the technical aspects of the diving he enjoys thinking about rebreathers and technical diving almost as much as thinking about fishes, so every day he changes hats. A fish hat and a rebreather hat. They are two very different things to think about, as the topics are very different. He enjoys being able to think about them both.

Richard has been heavily involved in the development of the Poseidon MkVI rebreather, the first CCR to be approved for use with the PADI Rebreather Diver course.

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  1. Hello from Singapore
    Can someone pls tell me if the rEVOIII micro FT manual mCCR and hCCR (hybrid CCR or eCCR) approved on PADI list of equipment for the PADI Rebreather Course? Thanks

    Who are those instructors living and teaching in Singapore?

    Thanks and brgds

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