Introducing the Technical Field Consultants.

The new range of PADI recreational and technical rebreather courses are well into development, with the first courses expected to be completed around the third quarter of this year. As you would expect, the process of course design and testing is intricate and detailed. A dedicated team of PADI Technical Diving Division personnel has been set up to review and test the courses. This group, the Rebreather Advisory Team (known in house as the RATs) has refined the initial drafts and ensured the courses will be practical and effective in all global environments. We have also enlisted the help of some of the world’s top rebreather experts into an elite review group; the Technical Field Consultants. The TFCs offer further detailed review and can call on specialist knowledge of areas such as rebreather hardware and software design, physiology and truly extreme exposure diving. Over the next few days we will profile the seven TFCs; highlighting the depth of knowledge and experience that is going into the new courses. We are delighted that such experienced professionals have been prepared to help us prepare these courses, which we believe will represent the state-of-the-art when they are released.

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