PADI Rebreather Courses Confirmed


Mark Caney

Mark Caney, Director, Rebreather Technologies in PADI’s Technical Diving Division, today announced that PADI is planning to introduce its first rebreather courses to include closed circuit rebreathers next year. Caney said that PADI will produce a range of rebreather courses covering the needs of recreational and technical divers, and that the first courses will become available next year. They will be supported by

the usual high quality educational materials that PADI is well-known for.

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  2. Looking forward to this, would like to see some more infomation on how this will work

  3. Glad to see PADI is keeping with the times, this could open up more potential customers for PADI facilities and instructors.

  4. Lets hope the Instructor Slates are better than the TEC wet books that they provided. Also which ccr’s will they be approving?

  5. Yeeeha! The first bottle of champagne to PADI’s health I opened when the TecRec program was announced. Seems the next one is following soon.
    And than I can cancel memberships for 3 other diving organisations – thanks for saving membership fees. 🙂

  6. DSAT are for sure making a move in the right direction, I do like the new outlines for the new OC tec classes. Im sure they will do a grand job with the materials. This will really open up the world off CCR to resort divers, just hope they keep the Instructor and Instructor Trainer standards standards high. Maybe soon it will be possible to become a DSAT IT without all recreational side now that would change things!

  7. Sounds like PADI have finally got there act together and are now looking into CCR diving, being an instructor in the PADI system, I had to look elsewhere for CCR courses and instructor courses. I will wait and see what CCR’s will be taught.

  8. Great news! I am glad to hear this. Times are changing and new interests developing. Looking forward to be part of it!

  9. This is fantastic news.

    It has been a long time coming but I am positive it will be well worth the wait.

    CCR is forging the way in technical diving and it will be great to see PADI’s approach to this very controversial piece of equipment. I have no doubt that it will be good.

    As you know I teach Sentinel, MKVI and AP valves so let’s hope those are going to be covered, after all they are all CE approved rebreathers.

    If there is anything I can do to help Mark, please do not hesitate to contact me.



  10. RecTec looking forward to this CCR diving course, as a PADI instructor and not wanting to dive with twins, I trained elsewhere for CCR courses and instructor courses. I will wait and see what sports CCR’s will be taught, Can only hope the MKV1 is included and it brings more people into our centres

  11. Sounds great I am looking forward for great education material. Finally, PADI is now looking into CCR diving. I had to look elsewhere for a CCR course I will wait and see what CCR’s will be taught.
    There are a few good units out there with the TecRec suggested automation and safety. However a lot of work must be done with equipment standard and standards verification.
    It must be said that OC deep diving is getting prohibitive expensive. This especially when Mixed Gas is involved. Equipment cost and Gas expenses are a major concern for divers.
    Therefore CCR diving will be the choice for deep diving in the future.


  12. The Enriched Air course in 95 and then Semi closed 99 followed by the Tec Rec / DSAT Programs and now finally we have the holy grail of tech CCR within the PADI System. PADI really have evolved, slowly, yes, but steady. I salud the PADI Staff working on this program who is going to enable PADI Members like myself to be offering one of the most exciting programs in the diving industry today. Cant wait to see the materials and the outlines!!! anything that can be shown on DEMA in november perhaps or to early still? good news for all us PADI Members out there. Heard that its a course that its not going to be unit specific, as long as the unit fullfill PADIs safety criterias you should be able to teach it, dont quote me on that one but thats what i heard!

  13. I spoke to Mark in December and chatted about the courses PADI will be offering. THe hope is that there will be 2 X ‘R’ Courses and 3 X ‘T’ Courses. R being Recreational and T being Technical. The Rebreathers used have to match certain criteria which differs from R and T. Basically R courses can be taught on any CN Approved rebreather that is pretty much ‘idiot’ proof like the MK6 or the Rec Sentinal once it gets it’s CN approval. The Tec courses on rebreathers like the Evo, Sentinal etc. The Courses are not going to be like the old Semi closed courses and are not tied to only a few rebreathers. As long as the instructor is a rebreather instructor and matches certain criteria then they can teach that rebreather course. So if yiou want to learn to dive with a Poseidon you find a PADI Instructor who can teach that course.
    I hope this helps. 🙂

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