TecRec Team Find New Wrecks Sunk by Juminda Mine Field

A team of TecRec Instructors, with the Research Vessel Yoldia, were searching for wrecks which were sunk into the Gulf of Finland during the Soviet evacuation of Tallinn on 28th of August 1941.

The Soviet troops had to evacuate their soldiers, civilians and materials from Tallinn, Estonia which was encircled by German troops in August 1941. They had to sail through a tight minefield, which was laid by Finnish Navy and German Kreigsmarin, to Leningrad. More than 60 ships and vessels were sunk in one night with loss of estimated 14-16,000 lives.

A group of TecRec Instructors has been locating the wrecks in the summer 2009 and the same team continued this summer the work. During the 2009 expedition 4 wrecks were found and this year in June 5 more wrecks were located. The search has been conducted in co-operation with the Estonian National Heritage Authority.

Side scan sonar has been used to find and get images of the wrecks which are in 75-100 meters depth. The team leader is Immi Wallin, PADI’s Technical Diving Consultant and captain of the research vessel Yoldia. Ivar Treffner, TecRec Instructor, has been a team member during both expeditions and essential link with the Estonian authorities.  The work is to be continued with both locating new wrecks and also identifying the found ones. Because of the depth and difficult circumstances, ROVs will be used to check first that conditions are safe enough to make dives to the wrecks.

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