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A question that sometimes comes up is, “what is the correct way to write the name of PADI’s technical diving course range?” You’ll see various versions sometimes, but the short answer is: TecRec. So, with a capital ‘T’ and a capital ‘R’ and with no space between Tec and Rec. If you write it in other ways, people will know what you mean, but there is the official answer.

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    1. We always wanted to make a clear distinction between technical and recreational diving courses so we initially called them the DSAT TecRec courses. But the feedback we got from the field was that the “TecRec” part of the name was enough of a distinction, and that most people felt there was more to be gained by emphasising the connection with the better known brand: PADI. So we are gradually changing over to routinely describing them as PADI TecRec courses, or just TecRec courses rather than DSAT courses.

      It’s not wrong to use the term DSAT, but you will see it being used less and less. It’s a logical switch and not hard to get used to. Just use the term “TecRec” whenever you used to say “DSAT”. It does not affect the content of the courses at all, it’s just taking advantage of the better recognition of the PADI name.

      Mark Caney

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