Mystery Deep Wreck Found in Malta – Update

Stuart Jones and Jonathan Thomas, of TecDeepBlue a DSAT facility in Malta, both DSAT Tec Trimix Instructors and deep wreck enthusiasts have once again been involved in diving an unknown wreck which is on the seabed 4 miles off the coast of Malta in 115m of water. 

The first visits to the wreck were two years ago, when Stuart Jones, Jonathan Thomas and Mark Powell did the initial dives on the wreck. However identification has proved difficult and the wreck’s identity remains a mystery.  On the 4th June TecDeepBlue in conjunction with Divers from ANDI Europe, led by Helmuth Biechl (noted for his involvement with the  famous Carpathia expedition, diving in the North Sea at depths up to 156M), visited the wreck with video cameras and got some excellent footage of the wreck.  The divers Helmuth Biechl, Jordi Mateo, Thomas Heinemeyer (camera man) and Dirk Berben , using Inspiration/Megalodon rebreathers and utilising bonex scooters, spent 25 mins on the bottom at 110-115m and concluded the dives after 3-4 hour runtimes, with the first deco stops at 80m. The diluent , during the bottom phase of the dive, was a 8/68 trimix and a variety of diluent switches and bail out strategies were employed by the various divers in order to safely ascend from depth.

The dives were set up and supported by TecDeepBlue and involved over 20 deco cylinders, multiple support divers, and a team of 8, including, Bernhard Leicher and Bernard Jungwird. The dives were completed without any negative incidents and managed to provide exactly the kind of footage that is necessary to be able to identify such an old wreck. The video of the wreck is being studied intensely for clues as to the identity of the wreck, at the moment the evidence is pointing towards the wreck being from the First World War.  At the depth that she lies at, the visibility drops dramatically, she is covered in deep water corals and seems to be in a couple of pieces. All these factor’s add to the challenge of identifying which of Malta’s many wartime wrecks, this is.

TecDeepBlue is still active in searching for and diving targets that will be of interest to technical divers from all over the world. It is hoped that the search for the identity of this ship will lead us to be able to reveal her full story in due course. We will keep you all posted.

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  1. What exciting news from probably the best tech centre in Malta.

    FYI Jonathan and Stuart will be exhibiting at EUROTEK.2010 (as is Mark Powell), so they might have the full story by then.

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