Tec Diving in North Sulawesi

By Brendon Sing CD # 609564 of Two Fish Divers, Manado, Indonesia

In North Sulawesi of Indonesia near Manado city is Bunaken Island. For just over a year we have been teaching PADI Tec courses here. Our main attraction, 40m from the front of the dive resort, surrounding the entire island is an amazing coral wall that drops down to over 600m-700m in some areas.

Just recently I taught the PADI Tec Deep course to two buddies of mine, Thijs and Daan. Both PADI Instructors, Thijs and Daan finally took the challenge of becoming Tec divers. During the course we had a great opportunity to really explore the deep walls of Bunaken Island. Some of the ledges that we could dive were comfortably at 45-50m. The visibility was so immense (30m+) that we could easily see the ledges below us that were starting at 70m and dropping down to the next ledge that would drop down to 100m+.

At times we encountered very strong currents and we found it very useful to always carry with us our reef hooks. We could use these to be more comfortable especially while making our way up and completing our required deco. No boring long deco stops here! The feeling of just being suspended over these massive walls in a current and observing all the amazing marine life go by us was so overwhelming. On most of these dives we would almost always encounter several black tip and white tip reef sharks, eagle rays and some very large jacks and tuna. What a ride!

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